Find a perfect workspace for your office

Find a perfect workspace for your office

Find a perfect workspace for your office

Starting a new venture was a tough job and when you target a great city like Bangalore then your job becomes tougher. The reason is extended expenses, especially land and property. In such an expensive city setting up an office needs a huge investment. There are a number of prodigies who have excellent ideas for a brighter business but are short hand on capital. To encourage such type of talent a new concept of co-working spaces in Bangalore has been introduced and Ataura Business center is one of the oldest shared working spaces in Koramangala, another name of trust and comfort.

This co-working space in Koramangala was started with an intention to assist startups in setting their business with least investment but great comfort. At every growing step of success, Ataura Business Center has always kept quality and comfort as major area of concern and has tried to improve it at every step.

Offerings of Ataura Business Center:

Each amenity offered by Ataura Business Center is planned keeping requirements of startups as priority. We are one of the most renowned and also one of the most preferred co-working office spaces in Koramangala and the reasons behind this are listed below:

No lock-in period:

Businesses need to change with this transformational world and to adapt the changes businesses need to fulfill the requirements. Sometime the requirements may be in terms of change of location, office space, seating space, and so on. But most of the businesses fail to accept certain changes immediately due to a long lock-in period. Ataura business center avails you with the flexibility to accept the changes when it is required.

Basic amenities:

Just a seat and work station can’t make a great office space but there are a number of aspects which combine together to make a better co-work space. Ataura Business Center keeps a detailed eye perfection on various types of facilities, such as wifi, air conditioner, maintenance, parking and many more.

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