Employee retention tactics for startups

Employee retention tactics for startups

Employee retention tactics for startups

Employees are the backbone for any startup. A strong team can take a new business idea to a successful level. Mostly it’s noticed that the top talents of an organization don’t stick to the same until they get the best out of it. It is a fact that businesses always concerned about what they are generating as revenue and most of the time they neglect their employees. This situation leads a potential team to search for an organization where their talent is appreciated. Most of the employees don’t seek a continuous salary hike or bonus but they, of course, seek a token of appreciation for the work they have done for the business growth and most of the businesses fail to manage it.

Ways to retain your potential team:

To retain your best employees, first you must be well-known with the potentials and weakness of each employee. To do so just you need to follow few steps those are listed below:

Assessment test:

Assessment the test is a crucial aspect that you must never neglect. Annual hikes and bonus must not be a random process rather it must be also a toke for their appreciation with the best work done by them in the past annual year. It can be done by assessing the employee’s annual performance individually and must also be done by giving them certain activities individually.

Distribute work in between the team:

When it comes to take a project or a commitment to its end result, the entire team works hard but mostly appreciations are collected by the team leaders and managers. Remember, there is no team leader or manager without a team. Hence work must be segregated in between the team so that along with the leaders, you can also appreciate the brain and hard work behind the success.

The retaining process must include:

A small token of appreciation for the work done and timely benefits can give a motivation to your employees to work with more dedication and creativity. Another aspect that you must consider for team retention is employee development that helps them to become a better and productive asset for the company. Personal development of a folk undoubtedly depends on that individual but when you look for development in terms of the professional sector then 50% only can be done by an individual and rest 50% depends on the organization he works for, because only opportunities can allow an employee to explore his skills and develop his knowledge.

Role of Co-working space in employee retention:

When you talk about co-work space in Bangalore, just a single though you carry in your mind and that is a shared office space in Bangalore which is affordable and comfortable. But the fact is, it is also one of the best ways to retain your employees. The work atmosphere of an organization, networks, facilities, etc. can be the major reasons for an employee to continue with an organization and in a co-work space in Bangalore you don’t have to bother about above-mentioned factors, as it comes by default along with your acquired shared workspace in a co-working space.

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