What does office space need to be the perfect one?

What does office space need to be the perfect one?

What does office space need to be the perfect one?

If you talk about a city like Bangalore then approx. 40% of space is occupied by office spaces, few of those are dedicated offices and few are co-working office spaces. But the question is “does every office space is loved by the employees working there?” Not every employee is happy with the working space. You may not believe it, but the fact is office space has a great impact on the productivity level. We have conducted a survey among working professionals in Bangalore and found some interesting and valuable facts which came up as basic requirements of employees which they seek in an office space to be convenient.

Few office spaces specifications are listed below:

Seating arrangement:

Nine hours in a day is a huge part of human life if you calculate it on a yearly basis that an employee has to spend on his office chair. Most of the employees were having a complaint that their seats were not comfortable which are really effective their work efficiency. Every office space offers seats but least of those consider comfort. Hence, this must be a basic aspect before setting an office space.


Bangalore is a vast city and also one with the heaviest traffic too. Here every folk faces an issue with traffic and also parking space. But when it comes to parking their vehicles at office space, most of the folks have to waste their time searching for a secure parking space. While selecting an office space you must take parking space also into consideration to make it much easier for your employees.


A healthy environment is necessary to give 100% productivity and to work with innovative ideas. A perfect office space must have a healthy and happy work environment where people must interact with each other and enhance their professional as well as a personal network.

Finding a perfect office space is not that easy task in a city like Bangalore if you find then also it may cost a huge capital. Co-working spaces in Bangalore serve with a perfect solution to each of your office requirements in most effective packages.

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