The journey of Ataura business centers

The journey of Ataura business centers

The journey of Ataura Business Centers

If you date back to a decade, co-working spaces were hardly known to anyone. Most of the organization, even startups were looking for a dedicated infrastructure to start their operations. When each business was busy with following their protocols and traditional trends for business growth, at the same time Ataura business center was raising was a new idea of revenue generation as well as capital saving. The idea was clear and completely oriented to assist startups with an office space in cost effective manner.

Just decade back, starting a new business was a tough task, as it required a huge capital just to setup their office space. Then Ataura Business center, started as one of the most comfortable and flexible co-working spaces in Bangalore and cutting down office setting costs to almost zero.

 What makes Ataura business centers a preferred choice?

Ataura business centers understand the requirements of startups and hence serve with most appropriate services keeping your budget and requirements as a priority. The reason for which startups seek for co-working spaces in Bangalore is cost cutting, hence Ataura business centers offers no lock in duration and no deposit services. Other amenities that we offer are listed below:

Free parking:

In a city like Bangalore, where traffic is one of the major issues, due to a number of vehicles on road and this issue even continues when it comes park vehicles in offices. Ataura business centers understand the issue and offer a huge parking space for free where your employees can park their vehicles without any difficulty.

UPS backups:

Electricity is one of the basic requirements for any organization to carry their operational activities smoothly. Ataura business centers offer UPS backups for everyone which even supplies power when rest of the city is struggling with the shortage of power. We believe “The show must go on”, and hence serve you with 24*7 power backup with which you can keep your work going all time every time.

Maintenance staff:

Apart from other major requirements, few small but basic requirements such as cleanliness, water, etc. also plays a great role in making your office a perfect space to work. We have the best and most professional maintenance staff for you, who keep a detailed eye perfection all across the office premises to ensure that each folk working here is satisfied with basic amenities and is getting a healthy work environment.

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