State of co-working spaces in Bangalore by the end of 2020

State of co-working spaces in Bangalore by the end of 2020

State of co-working spaces in Bangalore by the end of 2020

The market of co-working spaces in India has been drastically changed and a new trend of opting co-working spaces is prevailing all through the corporate sector. Now big-small, finance- fashion, etc., each type of organization, regardless of their size and nature of work, are opting co-working spaces in Bangalore to setup their office and operate from a flexible work environment. The trend of co-working space emerged before couple of decades but it started gaining popularity before a decade. In the year 2010 the number of co-working spaces in our country was approximately 600 but in a short span of eight years the count accelerated to the number of 19,000.

These co-working have a great capacity of accumulating approx. 1.7 million folks covering a number of startups and established firms too. Most surprising fact is that Bangalore covers approx. 32% of total workspaces in India. As Bangalore is the hub of the IT sector which has encloses all top companies and also it is equally recognized for startups. Hence, it has the highest scope for co-working spaces in Bangalore.

A shrink to the area of co-working spaces:

As the number of co-working spaces in Bangalore are increasing but the space which were occupied by coworking infrastructure is reduced to a great extent. It has become very compact but amazingly facilitated with several amenities. Co-working spaces in Bangalore that are extended to a large space have approx 50% of empty desks. Being flexible nature of a co-working space, most of the desks are reused by different companies working for different time zones. Hence, keeping a compact yet completely furnished coworking spaces are more preferred by the developers too.

Are you looking to develop your space into a coworking space then it is a great idea to execute and gain a higher rate of revenue from your investment. Or if you are seeking an amazing co-working space in Bangalore to set up your organizational activity then you have got plenty of options to choose from.

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