How to increase value of your co-working space?

How to increase value of your co-working space?

How to increase value of your co-working space?

There are a number of co-working spaces available in Bangalore but only few of those are mostly preferred by folks to set their office. There are certain attributes that must be considered by co-working spaces to serve effectively and most of the co-working offices don’t consider it while planning their interiors. Flexible workspace is one of the most demanded attribute that makes a shared office space preferable by everyone. In a survey it has been depicted that employees of flexible co-working space with comfortable work environment provides better and effective results that means enhanced productivity.

Other facts figured out during survey were:

  • A hike of 12-15% in employee’s productivity can be expected in a happy work environment
  • Employees with fresh mind are more creative than others
  • Positive work environment is necessary to attain positive outcomes, and it can be only created by happy employees
  • Happy employees provide value for their work and company
  • And many more…

Attributes of a co-working space:


As per the survey, employees with flexible office timings are happier and more productive for the company. Hence, each co-working space in Bangalore must allow working their employees with flexible timing and days too. Although Bangalore is a city with huge traffic where reach at a place at precise time is really a hectic task, for which each day each working folk runs and get busy with the hustle and bustle of the day to day traffic. Instead if employees are allowed to work with flexible timing then it may lessen the traffic on road and also hustle bustle of their life allowing them to concentrate on the work entirely.

Wellness programs:

Growth is a nature of this era, here every sunrise comes up with a new change and to walk along the technological growth and changing trend, folks must be trained well. Now a day’s most of the co-working spaces are spotted with wellness programs to educate each folk working there with the changing trend and demand of current market. This not only educates them but also assist them to enhance their social and professional network.

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