Co-working spaces: A new platform for the working professionals

Co-working spaces: A new platform for the working professionals

Co-working spaces: A new platform for the working professionals

A dedicate office space was preferred by most of the organization. But gone are the days when organizations were looking for isolation and privacy. It is a world where folks love to connect with each other in professional as well as personal life. Co-working spaces in Bangalore are acting as the best platform to connect with other professionals from distinct business sectors. Co-working spaces are moreover like a LinkedIn platform but much more effective one where people can meet face to face.

Growing co-working spaces:

Most of the organizations are now seeking spaces in co-working spaces and is giving a new rise to the co-working spaces in Bangalore. All across our country there are approx. 400 co-working spaces. As per the statistics, 32% of total co-working spaces in our country are in Bangalore and have accommodated a number of offices with approx. 1.7 million employees.

Why co-working spaces are in demand?

Co-working spaces supplies hot desk but are really cool and in high demand. Earlier offices were working with fixed timings which were a hectic task to manage, especially in a city like Bangalore with a lot of traffic. Co-working spaces has brought a change to this rigid schedule and has given a flexible touch to this tight schedule.

Shared office space not only allows you to work in flexible timings but also offers a flexible work environment in which you work with different folks belonging to distinct business industry.


Earlier, to increase your network, folks were surfing internet and seeking people all round the globe and just through few messages they were trying to build a better network across professional world. Now increasing your network is neither that tough nor time consuming. Just step out of your chair and you get a number of professionals to talk with and increase your network.

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