Ataura Business Centers: Created for your comfort

Ataura Business Centers: Created for your comfort

Ataura Business Centers: Created for your comfort

Bangalore is one of the biggest hubs for startup businesses. Every day comes up with a new brand name of new business with new objectives but most of those find a major difficulty in setting up their dream office in this huge city. For all the professionals, Bangalore is a city of dreams where they can attain their professional objectives but also it generates money constraints being an expensive city. As a solution to this problem, this city emerged with a number of co-working spaces giving shelter to myriad startups as well as established companies in a cost-effective manner. Ataura business center in Koranamgala, being one of the oldest co-working spaces in Bangalore, it has contributed a huge part in giving the best office space to a different type of business.

Important aspects that Ataura Business Centers take into consideration:


When you think about the workspace first thing you think about is comfort. Ataura Business Center is counted among those top co-working spaces in Bangalore where you get comfortable seating arrangements and also flexibility to your working hours. Here you get the best workspace at most affordable prices. You can choose your office space based on your requirement, if you are an individual looking for a space from where you can initialize your business or either you are a complete team, Ataura Business Center serve you the perfect space without bounding your necessities with a lock-in period.

Leisure time:

Continuous work without any refreshment also drags the productivity of an employee down. Here, at Ataura Business Center we keep this aspect into consideration too. Here we serve a perfect gaming zone to spend a few leisure minutes with your colleagues and pals and reenergize you to work with a fresh mood and amazing ideas.

 Amenities of Ataura Business Center is not limited till here, even there are many more to know. Best amenities of this co-work space counts free wifi, pantry, free parking, locker facility, conference room as add on, etc. Were you looking for the same amenities but were just stepping back because of budget constraints? Then step forward and get in touch with Ataura Business Center to book your office space today at the most affordable price.

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