6 Things No One Tells You When You Become an Entrepreneur

6 Things No One Tells You When You Become an Entrepreneur

6 Things No One Tells You When You Become an Entrepreneur

There are plenty of rags to riches stories woven into our cultural consciousness, and many times we tend to idolize those who have succeeded at making their own dreams a reality.

While success stories like that of Bill Gates are somewhat of an anomaly, there are many aspects of the entrepreneurial lifestyle that often get left out of the rags to riches, glitz and glam narrative.

The following are just a few of the things you’re not likely to be told about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

1. You’ll work longer hours, not fewer

The dream of being an entrepreneur is typically the liberty.
The time to make your own decisions and make your own schedule. A lot of digital nomads out there purport the idea that they just run their businesses from a beach in Bali and make a billion dollars. Not so, my friend. Behind all of the success is always hard work. If you see an entrepreneur who is sitting on the beach, it’s because they hustled – or they are taking a quick break to snap a shot before they
go back to their laptop.When you work for yourself, most everything is done by you.
No one is there to tell you to start or stop working, and if you love what you do – you’ll do it non-stop. Then, when you get clients, they will be demanding of your time as well.
Rarely is there 8-5 hours for any businessperson within the starting

2. It’ll take a lot longer to make money than you expected

Making money with your business will take longer than you will expect. Most times it’s because there are so many little expenses that add up in the beginning that you may have not planned for and recouping those costs delays your efforts. Anything from website hosting to business card printing to inventory – startup costs are always more than what we estimate and securing profit always takes longer than expected.

Getting up and running to a place where you feel comfortable selling services and on boarding clients can take longer as well. It’s always best to plan for this.

3. You’ll Fight the Constant Urge to Want to Quit

Life, on its own, is already hard. Take what you deal with on a daily basis and add in trying to start or run a business—it amplifies what you’re going through. There will be more times than you’ll care to admit where you contemplate quitting. It will feel like the better option—it’s not. Realize those feelings and urges are a part of this journey, and to be successful, you have to learn how to constantly overcome them.

4. A Lot of Things Seem Important But Aren’t

As you grow a business, you will be bombarded with messages from others about what’s important. It can be a Facebook ad, an email from a marketer, or something you hear on a podcast. You will hear about some strategy that helped a certain entrepreneur achieve a certain result.

While it may have worked out for them—it doesn’t mean it will work for you.
More than that, just because those strategies seem important doesn’t mean they are.
A lot of things during this journey can appear vital however aren’t.
Examine each one and do what’s right for you.

5. You’ll Make It Up As You Go

It’s smart to have a plan for your business, but a lot of times, you’ll have to make the plan as circumstances unfold.
You can’t and shouldn’t arrange for everything—flexibility in your business is very important.
While you’ll see another entrepreneur and assume they need it all worked out, notice they’re a bit like you and creating it up from time-to-time.

6. You will become an expert on all aspects of your business, whether you like it or not.

One of the foremost rewarding elements of being an entrepreneur is in how briskly you become an expert in all aspects of running a business. It is often a painful process: lilike learning to ride a motorcycle, drive a automobile, and do multiplication table while having your teeth extracted (I’m not exaggerating). But then, on the other side, you are a wealth of of information and knowledge concerning small business!! It is an empowering feeling to grasp your own business within and out.

Still think you want to be an entrepreneur, even after reading this? Excellent–you may have what it takes! Believe in yourself, take a calculated leap, and fly. I believe in you.

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